Here's a goal: feel good in your body.

What are your body goals? Often times when people think about goals for their body it has to do with losing weight, getting in shape, or eating better. These are all wonderful goals and very noble pursuits, but today I want to talk about another type of body goal: actually feeling good.

Do this: take 15 seconds, close your eyes, and scan through your body. What do you notice? If you've never done this before, you may notice nothing, or a sore spot in your back, or those uncomfortable shoes you've been wearing for too long.

What does this say about your body? Typically, we're only informed by things that are going wrong - pain, tightness, soreness, tiredness. And that all makes sense, that's how the body and the nervous system are set up. The nerves in the body, along with pain sensations, are more or less a warning system. They let us know what's happening, and for that reason, anything that is going wrong takes priority.

Let's do a thought experiment. Here's the first part: what if, when you scan through your body, you don't notice anything?

Ida Rolf has a really wonderful quote that I tell people all the time: "The absence of sensation is a hallmark of integration."

Let that sink in for a moment. What if you could go through your day and not notice your body at all? That, in a weird way, is a wonderful goal to have. It means that your body is working well, everything is going as it should. And that is huge.

"The absence of sensation is a hallmark of integration."

So now let's take this thought experiment one step further: what if, when you scanned through your body, it actually felt good? What if you not only got to the point where at the end of the day you realized you not only didn't notice any issues, but that your body actually feels good.

That's a goal I can get behind.

And how do we get there? That is different for everyone. Do what your body needs - take care of it. Stretch, exercise, get Rolfing, get a massage, do those physical therapy exercises you know you should be doing, eat well.

Here's an exercise. You can do this mentally or actually write things down.

First, what are three things your body actually needs to get to a baseline?

Second, what are two things your body need to go beyond that? What do you need to really feel good?

Third, what do you have to do to notice it?

These answers will be different for everyone. I'm a big fan of exploration, so I encourage you to explore what your body really needs.

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