The Ten-Series was designed by Dr. Ida Rolf to address and balance the entire body. This relieves aches and pains, increases functional movement and increases overall level of energy in the body.

This is where the beauty of Structural Integration really shines. Not in working one particular area of the body, but by treating it as a whole, as an entire unit. We know that the body is connected. How you use your body at your job, hobbies, or other daily activities creates holding patterns in the body. By treating these holding patterns in the body, we're able to bring balance and resolve symptoms in a holistic and long-term manner.

Dr. Ida Rolf working with a client

Dr. Ida Rolf working with a client

The First Three Sessions

The first three sessions are the "foundation" of the ten-series: they provide the necessary foundation to accommodate changes throughout the entire system. They work to address the breath to make breathing easier, work on the feet and lower legs to provide a stable support for the rest of the body, and begin to provide space through the core of the body.

The Core Sessions

Sessions four through seven address structures in the core of the body, from the hips to the head. It works on the deeper structures to relieve tension being held deep within the body and provide support through the core.

The Integration Sessions

The last three sessions are what we call the "integration" sessions. They work to organize the body as a whole, giving specific attention to areas that still need work, and balances the entire structure.