"I've only had a few Rolfing sessions with but it's definitely helped with the plantar fasciitis that was my original reason for trying Rolfing. I've also seen a big improvement in the alignment of my hips. Rolfing, along with the exercises that Michael prescribed, has made it so much easier to walk and a big reduction in pain. I'm committed to completing the full series of sessions and I expect to see great improvement of some long-standing structural issues." -Betty H.

"I completed the 10 series with Michael Black a year or so ago. It fully changed my posture in a way I didn't think was possible. I went from wishing I had better posture to finally being able to stand in a correct position. Rolfing also helped with my plantar fasciitis and just made me feel better all around." -Melinda E.

"Rolfing has changed my life forever. I have been going to Michael going on 2 years and after my first 10 sessions I felt 2 inches taller. I tell all of my friends and coworkers about rolfing and if they want to change the way they feel give it a try." Karen N.

 "I would say that after years of trying to find a middle ground between massage therapy and chiropractic care, rolfing was the answer to that.  Both massage and chiropractic care never felt like they were tackling deep muscle soreness or pain.  Now, I like chiropractic care for what it does when there are bone alignment issues but rolfing immediately addresses soft tissue pain.  Thank you for helping me feel better and keeping me in the athletic game.  I'll be scheduling an appointment soon (knees and hips!)."  -Mazie B.